Kabri Construction Research

About Us

About Us

Kabri Construction Research was founded in 2022 by Brian and Katrina Potter. Brian and Katrina both have backgrounds in structural engineering and have a combined 30+ years of experience in the AEC industry. Between 2018 and 2021, both spent time managing engineering groups at Katerra where they saw firsthand the excitement and challenges that come with driving change in the industry. After the leaving Katerra, they remained passionate about the original ideas that brought them to Katerra and their desire to be part of the change. From this, the foundation of Kabri Construction Research was laid.

Brian Potter PE/SE

Brian’s experience includes 2.5 years at Katerra, managing the Atlanta structural engineering department. Prior to that he worked in prefabricated concrete construction and multifamily wood construction. He is the author of Construction Physics newsletter, and has been awarded an Emergent Ventures grant to fund work on construction efficiency.

Katrina Potter PE, MBA

Katrina has 16 years of experience in single-family and multi-family structural engineering including volumetric modular and panelized construction. She spent 3 Years at Katerra managing the Seattle and Phoenix structural engineering groups, as well as helping to develop a 24-unit multi-family building product.

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